Part 19 - Presentation hosted by Choose Life McGill hijacked by pro-abortion protesters Oct. 6 2009

8 octobre 2009

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Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform representative Jojo Ruba's Oct. 6 2009 presentation at McGill University, hosted by Choose Life McGill, was hijacked for over 2 hours tonight by pro-abortion protesters.

As the presentation began, protesters shouted and sang children's songs. They then crowded around the now vacant podium (Mr. Ruba having absconded) and continued signing for the better part of an hour, at which point police arrived. Two protesters were taken, but many were left behind. When the police left, they resumed and disrupted the presentation (which had fitfully resumed) until the two hour mark, at which point event organizers were informed by campus officials that time had run out and the room had to be closed for the night.

Protesters then filed out, along with most of the audience. A police officer showed up again, answering some questions for the campus media.

A sad day for free speech, and a sad day for the unborn--but displays like last night's show that the truth that the unborn have an inalienable right to life is so manifest that the only way to oppose it is by physical force. And truth being stronger and more persistent than physical force, we'll surely see a time (maybe not in our lifetimes, but surely there will be a time) when that truth is recognized, cherished, celebrated.

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